All Ready for the Frozen Ice Show!


All Ready to Face the Snow!

Winter arrived early here in South Bend. Thankfully, we didn’t get hit with 6 feet of snow like Buffalo, NY. I would estimate that we’ve had about 7 inches so far. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Regardless, Gia is ready!


Shop ‘Til You Drop!

We were at Stride Rite looking for shoes for Giavanna. However, she was more interested in the necklaces and bracelets!


Yeah, I Just Ate a Flower… What Are You Going To Do About It?


How Do I Look?


Cutest Girl on Campus

Gia loves to play with anything on the ground—dirt, leaves, mulch, etc!  Here she is, under a tree, on the campus of Notre Dame during the first week of classes.


All Ready for Swimming

We take Gia to the indoor pool at the local community center every day. Just trying to get her used to the water.


Working Out on My Birthday

Me and mommy celebrating my 1st birthday with a little LTB at Pure Barre Mt. Lebanon.


Pretty in Yellow


When Can We Go Outside?

It’s been a brutal winter…Gia’s itching to go outside and get some fresh air.